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Available Kitties

Not Kittens, but still wonderful!

At Cyrious Cats, we are absolutely committed to making sure that all our clients get happy, and very healthy pets!

If one of our babies has a health issue, we will not make that kitten available until we are 100% sure that the kitten will have no long-term health problems.

Because of this policy, we sometimes have slightly older kittens that need homes. We are happy to have you meet our teenagers - perfect companions and playmates!

We will also occasionally have a retired queen available. Part of our code of ethics is that we will not overbreed our cats. If one of our beautiful ladies is done with being a mama, we will have her spayed and find the perfect home for her to retire to!

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FAE - A Lilac Lady!

We have made the decision to retire our beautiful queen, Fae. She has been altered, and we would love to find her a home where she can enjoy her retirement.

Fae is a long hair lilac coated Scottish Straight. She has a funny, grumpy little face, but that is actually totally misleading. Fae is a relaxed and happy girl who loves chin scratches and will happily play and purr.

She likes other cats, dogs, and children, but would prefer to be in a home with a maximum of one other cat - she likes the quiet!

Available Pets: Females

SOLD! Felicia is spending her time enchanting her wonderful new person!

Felicia is a stunning Scottish Straight girl! She was unable to have kittens, so rather than risk her health, we made the difficult decision to have her spayed. She is a beautiful cat, and is confident and outgoing. She loves talking with people, and enjoys the company of humans, cats, and dogs. She will make a wonderful pet and would love to find a new family.


Felicia has wonderful markings - she is so pretty!



She is very curious and loves to explore.



She loves being close to humans and other cats!

Available Pets: Available Pets

Felicia is amazing!

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SOLD! Billy is with his forever family. Please contact us to learn more about our kittens, older cats, or about the amazing Scottish Fold/Scottish Straight Breed!

Cyrious Billy Bones

Born 7/10/2021

Billy The Pirate Cat!

When Billy was 5 weeks old, he developed an eye condition called Entropion. The eyelid of his left eye grew too much, and flipped inside out. There was a serious danger that Billy would lose his left eye. Because of this, Billy was not available to go to a new home until the condition could be treated.

Billy had surgery on his eye in late December 2021. Happily, Billy has now been given a clean bill of health! He is healthy and perfect - and is probably the best natured cat we have ever met. And given that all the Cyrious cats are super friendly and happy, that says a lot! He is very active and playful, and always wants pets and chin rubs.

Billy is truly a remarkable and handsome boy - we know he will make a lucky person as happy as he has made us!

 We do not currently have a home for Billy. Contact us if you are interested in taking him home with you.


A Lap Cat!

Billy loves to cuddle more than almost anything! Have you ever seen a kitty who will jump on a stranger's lap when they first meet them? Billy will! He is super plushy and cuddly. And his purring will fill a whole room.


His Colouring is Beautiful!

Billy Bones is a chocolate tabby. He is also a big boy - at 7 months old he weighed almost 10lb! His nickname may be "Cute Chonky Boy!"

Available Pets: Available Pets

Cyrious Billy Bones is such a gentle and playful love!

Available Pets: Video

And listen to that purr!

Available Pets: Video

SOLD! Our handsome and clever boy has found his perfect family!
Cyrious Aric The Mighty
Born 3/7/2021

We are especially proud of Aric.

He was the runt of the litter and was born with narrow nasal cannula - whenever he exhaled, he grunted! We were concerned that he may have life-long breathing problems, or need surgical intervention as he got older. Because of this, Aric was not available to go to a new home.

Happily, Aric has now been given a clean bill of health! He is healthy and perfect - and is probably the smartest cat we have ever met. He is very active and playful, and always wants pets and chin rubs.

Aric is truly a remarkable and handsome boy - we know he will make a lucky person as happy as he has made us!

 We do not currently have a home for Aric. Contact us if you are interested in taking him home with you.


So Fierce!

Aric is such a handsome boy!


His Colouring is Beautiful!

Aric is a lilac tabby

Available Pets: Available Pets

SOLD! Basey picked the perfect people, and will be cuddling with her new humans and feline family!
Cyrious Basey Bat
Born 7/10/2021

Basey is another kitten who is a tough cookie! When she was 4 weeks old, Basey developed a Staph Infection in the thigh/hip of her back right leg. She had to have emergency surgery, and it was touch-and-go if she would survive. 

We devoted ourselves to making her strong and healthy, and kept her with us around the clock for 3 weeks until her wound healed.

And she did heal! Basey is an amazing girl - she is strong, healthy, and fearless! Basey will always have a slight limp, and her back right leg will always be a little weak. But she doesn't care - she can climb, run, and play, and wants to find special humans who will love her and snuggle her as much as she deserves.


Basey Sits With Her Leg Out

This is Basey's normal sitting position - she has less flexibility in her right back hock, and some reduces muscle in her thigh.


But She is Still Fearsome!

Basey has adapted to her slight limp and it does not impact her life at all!

Available Pets: Available Pets

SOLD! This lovely girl has gone to live with her forever family!
Cyrious Aphrodite Amore (aka Justine)
Born 3/7/2021

Her name is Aphrodite Amore, but We realized early that her pet name is Justine. It just works for her!

Justine is a perfect teenage kitty. Sadly, she has simply not met her perfect people yet.

She is healthy and beautiful, with an incredible plush coat.

Justine is a true "lap" cat. She wants to sit on your lap and snuggle. She is so friendly that she starts purring if you come anywhere close to her.

She also loves other cats - Justine has been a wonderful big sister and started to help take care of her younger siblings when they were 5 weeks old. She lives for hugs, and will make the perfect companion for the lucky humans who choose her to join their family.


Justine Has the Perfect Scottish Straight Features

She has big round eyes, a happy round face, and lovely thick paws. She was made for cuddles.


Justine is Very Gentle and Loving

She never gets rough when she plays, and is so happy to spend time with people.

Available Pets: Available Pets

A Short Video of Justine

Because she is such an absolute little love!

Available Pets: Video
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