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After careful research, we purchased a kitten from Cyrious Cats during June of 2021. We are incredibly pleased with our kitten's happy, calm temperament and sweet disposition. She really is an amazing addition to our family! She loves to be held and purrs with contentment every time we pet and hold her. Cyrious Cats' owner, Sunshine, made the process of getting our kitten from Santa Cruz, CA, to Seattle, WA, a breeze! Sunshine took care of the pre-flight vet appointments with ease, and she made the entire process smooth for us. When the kitten was placed in my husband's arms for the first time, our sweet kitten immediately starting purring, even within the hustle and bustle of a busy airport! We have had our kitten for over a month now and she continues to be healthy and happy. We couldn't be happier with our decision to go with Cyrious Cats. If you want a beautiful, happy, calm, and healthy Scottish fold or Scottish straight, Cyrious Cats is doing it right and I would recommend this cattery whole heartedly.

Kelli H.

SCOTTISH Fold Lovers!!! We recently picked up our beautiful kitty, Sweet Princess Madeline, from the Cyrious Cats breeder and could not be more pleased with the whole experience, and especially the precious, well adjusted, beautiful kitty.

This Cattery is hands on, loving, and treats each kitty as their own. Sunshine, the owner, is an absolute delight, knowledgeable, and over the top caring, and helped us choose the right kitten for us.

Sunshine did provide all the necessary shots and spaying, sent us home with plenty of food, and ongoing answers, if needed. Most of all, an everlasting special relationship. Sunshine, her husband and daughter provide a special loving home for their kitties. Please give this Cattery serious consideration for your Scottish fold at

Deborah C.

Cyrious Cats breeds seriously amazing kittens!  From the first moment I saw the picture of the new kittens online, I knew I had to have one. Sunshine welcomed me to come visit and interact with the kittens. It was evident that they were all happy, healthy and very comfortable with people. Not a single one ran and hid.  All were curious but it was love at first sight for me and little Cleo. She has been home with me for 2 weeks now and brings my joy every day. She is calm but playful, very clever and loves her doggie roommates. I have no doubt that this calm confidence comes from her loving start with her cat parents and people parents. Thank you Sunshine, Ron and Addie for giving the Cleo such a perfect start in life!

Paige L.

Sunshine and her family are wonderful. I reached out to many Scottish Fold breeders and found many concerning things so I was about to give up until I found Cyrious Cats. Their cozy house is full of happy cats who they clearly love. Their kittens are extremely well socialized and I was surprised how quickly they snuggled up with new people the first time we visited. Our new kitten is a perfect fit for our family and is not only gorgeous, but is confident and loving. I have already recommended her to family members who are trying to steal my kitten. :D

Nicole K.

From the moment my husband and I embarked on our journey to find the perfect feline companion, our priority was to ensure not just a healthy kitten, but one nurtured in an environment filled with love and ample opportunities for socialization. Our quest led us through various catteries in the Bay Area, but it was at Cyrious Cats where we found what we had been searching for. Unlike other establishments, walking into Cyrious Cats felt like entering a haven of happiness, with adorable kittens frolicking around. Sunshine, the proprietor, greeted us with warmth and knowledge, effortlessly acquainting herself with each kitten’s personality and well-being. When we expressed our desire for a confident and sociable companion, she expertly guided us to the perfect match.
For nearly two months, we eagerly visited Cyrious Cats every weekend, awaiting the day our kitten would be ready to join our family. Throughout our visits, we were consistently impressed by the professionalism and genuine care exhibited by Sunshine and her family. Now, our kitten is finally home with us, and she is nothing short of perfection. Healthy, well-adjusted, and already displaying impeccable manners, she is a testament to the exceptional standards upheld at Cyrious Cats. We couldn’t be happier with our experience, and we wholeheartedly recommend Cyrious Cats to anyone in search of not just a pet, but a cherished member of the family.

Matt & Alexandra

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